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Regio VI

House of the Vettii


The House of the Vettii displays the refinements reached  by the wealthy Pompeian bourgeois in the first century A.D.. From the entrance, where a Priapus is painted, one passes to the Tuscanic atrium where wooden chests containing the family's treasures were displayed. Three large rooms open up to the garden. The Room of Ixion has paintings of unhappy loves such as Pasifae and the wooden bull sculpted by Daedalus, whose union gave birth to the Minotaur. The Room of Pentheus has Heracles strangling the serpents, The Torment of Pentheus and The Punishment of Dirce. Finally there is the large triclinum, the most refined room of the house. There are long friezes painted with Cupids, perfumers, goldsmiths, vinters etc. on a black background. On the north side of the house is a kitchen, with a small room decorated with erotic scenes.


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