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Regio VII

Temple of Vespasian


The building, built after the earthquake of 62 A.D. was intended for the practice of the imperial cult. 


In the back cell, placed on a high podium, was the statue of the emperor. In the arcaded square the crowds assembled. At the center is a marble altar used for sacrifices with a representation of a priest that is preparing to sacrifice a bull during the inauguration of the building. On the other  façades there are sculpted reliefs of the civic crown and liturgical instruments.


Suburban Baths | Temple of Apollo

Weights and Measures Office | Forum Olitorium

Temple of Jupiter | Macellum

Sacello Larum pubblicorum | Temple of Vespasian

Building of Eumachia | Stabian Baths

House of Sirico | Brothel

Pistrinum of Modesto | Temple of Fortuna Augusta

Forum Baths | Via delle Terme

Via della Fortuna | Vicolo del Lupanare


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