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Regio IX

Workshop of Verecundus


All that remains of the workshop of M. Vecilius Verecundus is its beautiful fašade on Via dell'Abbondanza. It portrays the god Mercury, protector of merchants, coming out of a temple with his bag full of money. Venus, patroness of the city, is portrayed with cupids and lares while four elephants pompously carry her.


At the bottom, as a sign of the workshop, are potrayed some of the  operations carried out inside the factory: weaving and boiling done by wool and felt (coactiliarii) workers and retail sales at the counter. The busts of Apollo, Jupiter, Mercury and Diana are painted on the architrave of one of the entrances, while Venus, some cupids and a procession of people carrying a divinity on a sedan chair (ferculum) are portrayed on the sides of the entrance. Some of the paintings had already been covered in ancient times with electoral propaganda. At one of the entrances there is a bronze cauldron with a winged phallus in relief inside a little temple.


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