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Regio VIII

Via dei Teatri


It leads to the area occupied by the Triangular Forum, so-called for its shape and limited by a complex of public buildings of the Hellenistic period: Large Theater, that can contain up to 5000 spectators and used for the representation of comedies and tragedies; Small Theater, with a capacity of 1000 spectators and turned to musical auditions; Samnite Palęstra, where the competitions of the noble and wealthy youth in Pompeii took place.


Marina Gate | Imperial Villa

Antiquarium | Temple of Venus

Basilica | Curie

Comitium | Doric Temple

Gladiators' Barracks | Odéion

Theater | Samnite Palęstra

Temple of Isis | Temple of Zeus Melichios

Temple of Mefite

House of Cornelio Rufo | Via dell'Abbondanza

Via Marina | Via dei Teatri

Via del Tempio di Iside


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