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Regio I

Via Stabiana


Along this street we find Stabian Baths, the most ancient and complete thermal baths in Pompeii, with annexed a gymnasium, that  occupied the area of a whole insula, together with many shops. In front of the thermal baths it is found the Pistrinum of Modesto, in which lava millstones have been recovered. Close to it, is the Temple of Zeus Melichios, the smallest of the city; two big statues of Jupiter and Juno and a bust of Minerva were found there. Via Stabiana finishes at Stabia Gate, one of the most ancient of Pompeii.


House of the Citarista | House of the Achilles’ Lararium

Laundry of Stephanus | House of the Cryptoportico

House of the Chaste Lovers | House of Menander

House of the Ephebe | House of Paquius Proculus

House of the Sacerdos Amandus | House of the Impluvium

House of the Golden Bracelet | House of the Orchard

Bakery of Sotericus | Garden of Fugitives

Via Stabiana | Stabia Gate


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