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Regio VIII

Via Marina


It starts at Marina Gate and immediately leads to the Temple of Venus, the protector goddess of the city, followed by the Temple of Apollo, with a 48 columns portico and the copies of the bronze statues of Apollo and Diana (the original ones is preserved at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples). In front of the Temple of Apollo there is the Basilica, destined to the administration of justice and the business. The street finishes in the Forum.


Marina Gate | Imperial Villa

Antiquarium | Temple of Venus

Basilica | Curie

Comitium | Doric Temple

Gladiators' Barracks | Odéion

Theater | Samnite Palæstra

Temple of Isis | Temple of Zeus Melichios

Temple of Mefite

House of Cornelio Rufo | Via dell'Abbondanza

Via Marina | Via dei Teatri

Via del Tempio di Iside


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