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Regio VII

Stabian Baths


The Stabian Baths are Pompeii's oldest baths. The name of the building derives from its location at the crossing between Via dell'Abbondanza and Via Stabiana. Built in the second century B.C., they were extended with the establishment of the Roman colony. During the imperial age they were restored a first time and a second time after the earthquake of 62 A.D.. Restoration works were still in progress when the eruption occurred, so the  facility was not yet ready for use. The main entrance leads straight to the gymnasium surrounded by a colonnade. The gymnasium has an open bathing-pool (natatio) and a large hall used as cleansing and dressing room (destrictarium). 


The facility is divided into a men's section and women's section, with the usual sequence of frigidarium, tepidarium and calidarium. Its ruined condition caused by the earthquake of 62 A.D., permits an understanding of how heat circulated both in the interspace of the walls (concameratio) created by the use of spacers (tegulę mammatę and tubuli) and under the floor lifted up by means of little pillars (suspensurę).


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