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Regio VIII

Odéion (Little Theater)


The Odéion is a small covered theater used for music concerts and poetry recitals; it held a restricted and refined audience of approximately 1,300 people. It was built after the foundation of the colony in 80 B.C., by order of the mayors Gaius Quintius Valgus and Marcus Porcius, who also had  the Amphitheater built. 


The building is a semicircular structure inscribed in a square that sustained the roof with four slopes. It was divided into two orders of seats, divided by a backrest. The first five rows have wider steps and were reserved for the seats (bisellia) of distinguished personalites. The parapets are characterized at their extremities by two suggestive kneeling giants (Telamons) which hold up corbels, an aesthetic solution that is also found in the Forum Baths. The orchestra was paved in marble.


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