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Regio VII

Forum Baths


These are the only ones to be functioning again after the earthquake of 62 A.D.. They are furnished with a heating system (pręfurnium) and two sections, male and female. The distribution of hot air was done through cavities in the walls and the double floor on small pillars (suspensurę). 


The men's section had a dressing-room (apodytherium). From here one passed first to an environment for the cold bath (frigidarium), then to a warm bath (tepidarium), and finally to room for a hot bath (calidarium). The tepidarium has nooks sustained by Telamons and a bronze brazier, donated by M. Nigidius Vaccula. The calidarium was equipped with a tub for the hot bath and a marble basin for cool water ablutions; an inscription in bronze letters states that it was paid for by public money and placed there by the mayors at the cost of 5,250 sesterces.


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