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Regio IX

Central Baths


The Central Baths occupy the whole block (insula) at the crossing between Via di Nola and Via di Stabia. They were built within the framework of urban renewal carried out in the city after the earthquake of 62 A.D..


For this reason the baths reflect more modern architectual  concepts. They are completely made of brick and have a single thermal facility which is not divided into men's and women's sectors. The distribution of the halls shows a broader sense of space and organic unity. The entrance leads first to the gymnasium, then to the dressing-room (apodyterium) with the circular cold-water bathing pool, subsequently to the lukewarm room (tepidarium) and finally to the hot-room (calidarium). A new element is represented by the sauna, a circular room with four niches (laconicum). Light entered into the rooms through large glass windows. The construction of the facility was still in progress when the volcano erupted.


Central Baths | House of Marcus Lucretius

House of M. Epidio Rufo | Workshop of Verecundus

Thermopolium of the Asellinæ | House of Gaius Julius Polybius

House of Obellius Firmus | House of the Centenary


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