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Regio VII

Temple of Apollo


This is one of the city's most ancient temples. Stratigraphic studies certify the cult's existence since the sixth century B.C.. The current arrangement dates to the Samnite period, though it was restored numerous times in the imperial Roman period. 


The sanctuary was surrounded on three sides by a portico with Ionic columns made of tufa, which were stuccoed and transformed into Corinthian columns after the earthquake of 62 A.D.. The temple, which is of Italic type, is raised on a high podium. The cell decorated with a mosaic of perspective cubes (scutulatum), contained the statue of the god and a stone omphalos; symbol of the world's navel and venerated in the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi. In front of the temple is an altar of the republican period and a column with a sun-dial. Placed in front of the portico are the bronze statues of Apollo the archer and his sister Artemis.


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