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Suburban villas

Via dei Sepolcri


This road starts out of Ercolano Gate, gives us a complete picture of the suburban life in Pompeii. There are on it villas, houses, workshops and tombs. These last ones loose here their original style, to become true monuments, in the style of the Hellenistic design; along the street, in fact, there are mausoleums of different styles and shapes. First of all, there is the sepulchre of Marco Cerrinio Restituto, with the shape of niche, then follows the tomb of the duumviro Aulo Veio, with the shape of circular seat (schola), and Marco Porcio’s tomb, that resembles to a big altar. 


At the beginning of the funeral exedra of the priestess Mamia it raises a sepulchre with several loculi, the mausoleum of the Istacidi. There are also the sepulchres of Marco Terenzio Maggiore, the Tomb of the Garlands, so call for its decorations, the sepulchre of the Blue Glass Vase (National Archaeological Museum of Naples), the sepulchre of Caio Calvenzio Quieto, the sepulchral enclosure of Numerio Istacidio Eleno.


On the road there are also the Villa of the Mosaic Colonnade, with four columns that supported the pergola of the garden, and the Villa of Diomedes, with a big garden with a swimming pool and summer triclinium. A branch leads to the Villa of the Mysteries.


Villa of the Mysteries | Villa of Diomedes

Villa of the Mosaic Colonnade | Via dei Sepolcri

Viale della Villa dei Misteri


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