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Regio VII

Sacello Larum pubblicorum


The Sacello Larum pubblicorum (Sanctuary of the Public Lares) was used for the veneration of the gods protecting the city. This completely bleak and broad building was once entirely covered with marble and decorated with statues. During the holidays, its proximity to the Temple of Vespasian permitted to celebrate at the same time the gods protecting the city and the emperor as a benefactor of the city.


Suburban Baths | Temple of Apollo

Weights and Measures Office | Forum Olitorium

Temple of Jupiter | Macellum

Sacello Larum pubblicorum | Temple of Vespasian

Building of Eumachia | Stabian Baths

House of Sirico | Brothel

Pistrinum of Modesto | Temple of Fortuna Augusta

Forum Baths | Via delle Terme

Via della Fortuna | Vicolo del Lupanare


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