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Regio VI

House of the Tragic Poet


Excavated in the years 1824 to 1825, the residence represents a typical Pompeian house with an atrium and peristyle. Decorating the floor in the entrance is the famous mosaic Dog tied to a chain with the words Cave Canem (Beware of the Dog!).


The decorative elements in the house include famous paintings and mosaics, which today are almost all in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. In the atrium were paintings of scenes from the Iliad, such as Achilles and Briseis and Zeus and Hera; placed in the tablinum were mosaics which portrayed Theater actors  (which gave the house its name) and a painting of Admetus and Alcestis; found in the peristyle was the famous Sacrifice of Iphigenia; the triclinum, next to the portico, was decorated with mythological subjects: Venus with the nest of Cupid, Ariadne abandoned and Diana.


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