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Regio II

Palęstra (Gymnasium)


It is often called Large Palęstra to distinguish it from the Samnite gymnasium. It consists of an open square (approximately 140 x 140 m.) surrounded by porticos. Double rows of plane-trees were planted in the area; today it is still possible to see their casts. 


At the center there is a bathing-pool (natatio, 23 x 35 m.). The outer wall was crowned with merlons. The gymnasium was built near the Amphitheater during the Augustan period and was used both  for the exercises of the gladiators and as a meeting-place for youth associations (Juventus Pompeiana) in order to educate them to the imperial ideology. Parades on foot  and on horseback, battle simulations, duels, discus throwing and weight-jumping took place inside the gymnasium. The entire wall on the northern side collapsed during the earthquake of 62, A.D. It was excavated in the years 1936 and 1951.


House of Loreius Tiburtinus | House of Venus in the Shell

House of Julia Felix | Amphitheater

Palęstra (Gymnasium) | Necropolis of the Nuceria Gate


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