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Regio V

House of the Silver Weddind


This monumental house, similar to a palace, was built in the second century B.C. during the Samnite period. It was given this name because it was  excavated in 1893, while the Italian sovereigns King Humbert and Queen Margaret of Savoy were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. 


Its tetrastyle monumental atrium has Corinthian columns made of grey tufa, which were subsequently covered with painted plaster (approx. 6m high). The house has two gardens. The one along the main axis is said to be of Rhodian type because one side of the portico towers over the other sides. The second garden has an open summer triclinium. Among all the courtly rooms, the most interesting is a triclinium supported by four red porphyry columns (oecus corinthius). The house has a small private bath. We know that its last owner was Albucius Celsius, a rich Pompeian.


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