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Regio II

Necropolis of the Nuceria Gate


Pompeii had its graveyards (necropolis) outside the city walls.


The Necropolis of the Nuceria Gate spreads out along the east-west road that stretches parallell to the city walls. About 250 meters have already been unearthed. An inscription of Suedius Clemens lies a hundred paces away from the gate. He was the imperial prefect that after the earthquake expropriated the private houses built on public ground. The graves are of several types: with a base underlying the altar; in the shape of a sepulchral chamber with niches; in the form of a mausoleum with one or more rows; in the shape of a small temple on a podium; in the form of a semicircular seat (schola). The common funeral rite was that of cremation.


House of Loreius Tiburtinus | House of Venus in the Shell

House of Julia Felix | Amphitheater

Palęstra (Gymnasium) | Necropolis of the Nuceria Gate


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