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Regio I

House of Menander


This house, like the House of the Cupids, belonged to Quintus Poppćus. His family, the Poppći, were very influential and were relatives of the Empress Poppća Sabina. In  the right corner there is a lararium (domestic  oratory) in the shape of a little temple.


A hall decorated with paintings of the Iliadic cycle opens on the atrium: Ulysses tearing Cassandra away from the Palladium (but it is Ajax in the Homeric version), Cassandra, The Trojan Horse and Laocöon. The garden (peristilium) is closed by a parapet decorated with herons. On the northern side there is a room (oecus) with a green background and on top a frieze portraying the rape of the Lapiths women by the centaurs. 

At the center of the floor there is a small mosaic portraying pygmies on the Nile. At the bottom of the garden there is a library, a private  votive chapel and a rectangular exedra framed by two other exedras with apse. In the central exedra there is a painting of two sitting poets:  the one reciting is Menander, while the other one is probably Euripides. The exedras with apse are decorated with Artemis and Aphrodite. 


The  private votive chapel contains a domestic oratory made of masonry; there we can see two casts of the wooden portraits of the ancestors (imagines maiorum). The reception rooms are on the eastern side of the garden. At the center there is a huge hall (oecus triclinare). The house has a small bath area. The reconstruction of a farm cart (only parts in iron and bronze are original) is exhibited in the stable (equile). A case containing 118 pieces of silverware weighing 24 kilograms was hidden in the basement of the house. The silverware is exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.


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