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Regio VIII

Temple of Zeus Melichios


The small temple is located along the Via di Stabia. It was identified thanks to an Oscan inscription found at the Stabia Gate. The god is known as Zeus Melichios, “as sweet as honey” or “benevolent”. The cult, of Greek type and present in Sicily, dates back to the period when Pompeii was culturally part of Magna Græcia.


The little sanctuary consists of a portico at the bottom of which there is a cell placed on a high Italic-type podium with a staircase. In the front there is a big tufa altar. The cell has four Corinthian columns on its front. The terracotta statues of Jupiter and Juno with a bust of Minerva were found there. So it is probable that the cult of the Capitoline Triad had temporarily been transferred here, until the completion of the restoration of the Temple of Jupiter in the Forum damaged by the earthquake of 62 A.D.. Today instead the sanctuary is identified as the Temple of Asclepius and Hygeia, so the Temple of Zeus Melichios is to be sought beyond the Stabia Gate at the outskirts of the city.


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