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Regio VIII

Temple of Mefite


A temple devoted to a female divinity, of the III century B.C., has come to light during the last excavations in the south western front in Pompeii.


The temple, with porticos and cisterns, is an unexpected religious building of Sumnite age and reveals a Pompeian society pre-Roman corresponding not to a small village but to a real city. In the temple, hypothesizes to be devoted to the ancient Mefite, Sumnite version of Venus, has been recovered votive material.


Marina Gate | Imperial Villa

Antiquarium | Temple of Venus

Basilica | Curie

Comitium | Doric Temple

Gladiators' Barracks | Odéion

Theater | Samnite Palæstra

Temple of Isis | Temple of Zeus Melichios

Temple of Mefite

House of Cornelio Rufo | Via dell'Abbondanza

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Via del Tempio di Iside


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