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Regio VII



The Macellum was built at the beginning of the first century A.D. and was a huge food market. In fact its name is derived from the Greek word makello which means to sell. Past the grand portico decorated with statues, is the large open air inner courtyard, at the center of which there was a circular building (thˇlos). Against the back wall there is a shrine which contained the statues of the emperor and members of the imperial family. Today, these statues are exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.


Suburban Baths | Temple of Apollo

Weights and Measures Office | Forum Olitorium

Temple of Jupiter | Macellum

Sacello Larum pubblicorum | Temple of Vespasian

Building of Eumachia | Stabian Baths

House of Sirico | Brothel

Pistrinum of Modesto | Temple of Fortuna Augusta

Forum Baths | Via delle Terme

Via della Fortuna | Vicolo del Lupanare


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