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Regio IX

House of Marcus Lucretius


The owner of this beautiful house was a priest of Mars and a decurion of the city. There is no traces of an impluvium in the atrium, and to the right of this area is the lararium. Behind the tablinium there is a small, prettty garden, where, in the small niche of the fountain, there are marble statues and hermę: Satyrs, Cupids on dolphins and other animals. In the rooms to the side of the atrium there are many small pictures showing mythological subjects, gods and Cupids; to the right of the tablinium there is a large picture showing the Triumph of Bacchus, the god is holding a weapon and he’s followed by a satyr and a Victory.


Central Baths | House of Marcus Lucretius

House of M. Epidio Rufo | Workshop of Verecundus

Thermopolium of the Asellinę | House of Gaius Julius Polybius

House of Obellius Firmus | House of the Centenary


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