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Regio II

House of Loreius Tiburtinus


The entrance of this house is on Via dell'Abbondanza. It was attributed to Loreius Tiburtinus or to Decimus Ottavius Quartio, whose seal was found here. 


There is an elegant hall opening on the garden that is decorated with friezes portraying the expeditions against Troy: the larger one on top portrays the mythical expedition of Heracles against Laomedon, while the smaller one at the bottom portrays the historical expedition of the Greeks against Priam. The owner had himself portrayed on a wall of the house bald and dressed in a long linen-tunic like a priest of Isis (linigerus calvus). Furthermore, he ordered the building of a long  (50 m.) bathing-pool in his garden. 


The pool had the shape of a river (eurķpus) and was decorated with ancient Egyptian statues (ibis, sphinxes, lions, etc.). Thus, it is assumed that people initiated to the mysteries of Isis used to meet there to attend artificial floodings of the garden that simulated the sacred and fertile floods of the Nile.


House of Loreius Tiburtinus | House of Venus in the Shell

House of Julia Felix | Amphitheater

Palęstra (Gymnasium) | Necropolis of the Nuceria Gate


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