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Regio II

House of Julia Felix


This house was excavated in the 18th. century and brought completely to light in the years 1952 - 1953. There is a big and elegant garden with a portico supported by little marble pillars. 


At the center there was a summer dining-room (triclinium) with marble beds and a fountain with a waterfall. A second entrance led into the bathroom (balneum). An announcement on its door states that it could be rented with part of the house: "Julia Felix daughter of Spurius, rents to respectable people an elegant bathroom worthy of Venus, a workshop with apartment on the upper floor and mezzanine from the first of August. The lease will expire in five years". Evidently Julia, who was of a noble and rich family, didn't hesitate to sublet part of her house to make up for the restoration costs of the building after the earthquake of 62 A.D. A painting  of  Apollo and the Muses is in the Louvre in Paris today, while the other paintings are all at the National Archeological Museum of Naples.


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House of Julia Felix | Amphitheater

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