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Regio I

Garden of Fugitives 


A small portico was used as vestibulum of this house, which had been converted into a country-house with wine-cellars for the cultivation and production of wine. 


In 1961 in the layer of ashes the impressions of thirteen victims of the eruptions were found. They dah remained in the house during the fall of the lapilli and then attempted to escape under the ashes. They suffocated to death however and fell one after the other in their family groups. The casts were obtained using Fiorelli’s system of pouring plaster into the spaces left. This represents one of the most dramatic examples of the death of Pompeii and its people.


House of the Citarista | House of the Achilles’ Lararium

Laundry of Stephanus | House of the Cryptoportico

House of the Chaste Lovers | House of Menander

House of the Ephebe | House of Paquius Proculus

House of the Sacerdos Amandus | House of the Impluvium

House of the Golden Bracelet | House of the Orchard

Bakery of Sotericus | Garden of Fugitives

Via Stabiana | Stabia Gate


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