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Regio VII

Forum Olitorium


The portico with a faēade with eight pillars on the west side is commonly know as the Granary of the Forum. In reality it is actually a cereal and legume market.  


The building's front has eight openings. The interior walls do not have traces of decorations, a sign that in 79 A.D. the building was not finished. Today it is used as an archeleological warehouse. Amongst the most important finds stored here are: various types of amphorę; casts of dead people, trees and trunks; and tufa sculptures such as the Relief of Issius, the pediment with Dionysius and Ariadne from the Sanctuary of Sant'Abbondio, and the image of the Thracian gladiator.


Suburban Baths | Temple of Apollo

Weights and Measures Office | Forum Olitorium

Temple of Jupiter | Macellum

Sacello Larum pubblicorum | Temple of Vespasian

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House of Sirico | Brothel

Pistrinum of Modesto | Temple of Fortuna Augusta

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