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Regio VII

Temple of Fortuna Augusta


The building, constructed at the beginning of the first  century B.C., was seriously damaged by the earthquake of 62 A.D.. The staircase, interrupted by the altar at the bottom, was enclosed with a low railing.


In front of the cell is an ample pronaos with marble Corinthian columns; while at the end of the cell is a tabernacle with four statue nooks, amongst which that of Augustus and the inscription dedicated to the founder, Marcus Tullius. The temple was dedicated to Augustus, who was declared pater patrię in the year 3 A.D.. As testified by some of the inscriptions, the priests of the temple formed the College of Ministri Fortunę Augusti and every year were under the obligation to place a small statue in the chapel. On the cross-roads north of the temple, at the entrance to Via di Mercurio, there once stood a commemorative arch surmounted by a bronze statue, of which many fragments have come to light.


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