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Regio I

House of the Cryptoportico


This house takes its name from a luxurious covered corridor  (cryptoporticus). During the last period of the city it was used as a depot. That's why about sixty wine amphoras were found here. The house has a small  private  bath. The elegant three-winged underground passage was created to permit a walk even in case of severe weather conditions. The owner had a copy of a picture gallery painted on the walls. 


The decoration shows a labyrinth on the skirting board and a wall with large red slabs (orthostats) separated by herms. The upper part shows scenes from the Trojan war, from  the Plague in the Achaean  field to the Funeral games in honor of Patroclus. At the end of the corridor the visitor found at the  center of the back wall a representation of the escape of Aeneas from Troy with his father Anchises and his little son Julus. This scene constitutes the link between the Greek myth  and the history of Rome: it was after the fall of Troy and the escape of Aeneas towards the coasts of Latium that his son Julus founded Alba Longa, from where Rome rose. This story represents the  main theme in Virgil's Æneid too.

Among the several casts found in the garden of this house there is one of a mother protecting her little daughter and another of a slave with fetters at his ankle.


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