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Regio VIII



The building on the southern side of the Forum, at the corner of Via dell'Abbondanza, was the Comitium or the polling station. The cavities in the columns at the side of the Forum leads to the assumption that it was once closed by gates. 


The central courtyard was an open place. Electors came in from the side of the Forum and proceeded towards the podium to the south, on the right side of the entrance, where the magistrates sat. These were in charge of the polling station and verified whether the voters had the right to vote. After the verification the voters went out into Via dell'Abbondanza where the ballot-box was located. Voters had to elect the municipal chairmen (Šdiles) and the mayors (duˇviri i˙re dicundo); the latter would then elect the members of the town-council (decuriones).


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