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Regio V

House of Cęcilius Jucundus


This was the house of the banker Lucius Cęcilius Jucundus. A filing cabinet with 154 wax tiles reporting payment receipts and colonial taxes was found in a room in the back of the peristyle. Activities had been recorded up to the year of the earthquake. In a corner of the atrium there is a domestic oratory (lararium) with votive relieves. They portray the damages caused by the earthquake in the area of the Forum, a scene of sacrifice, and the Vesuvius Gate. In the atrium there is also a herm with a bronze portrait of the banker's father, Lucius Cęcilius Felix.


House of Cęcilius Jucundus | House of the Silver Weddind

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Necropolis of the Vesuvius Gate


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