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Regio IX

Thermopolium of the Asellinę


This is the most complete inn (thermopolium) ever discovered in Pompeii. Its furniture partly made of terra-cotta and partly of bronze was found here. Even the bronze kettle was still hermetically sealed and apparently it contained water when it was first unearthed. There is a lararium (domestic shrine) made of stucco which portrays the god of trade Mercury and the  god of wine Bacchus. The jars encased in the counter were used to keep beverages and food hot. The daily take were found in one of them: 638 sesterces, just over the price of a mule that cost 520 sesterces.


An inner staircase lead to the upper floor. The sign painted on the outside shows three jugs and a funnel. Above it there is an electoral inscription in red stating that the “Asellinę” Maria (Jewish), Egle (Greek) and Smiryna (Asiatic) were supporting the election of  Lollius Fuscus. Asellina was probably the name of the owner of the inn.


Central Baths | House of Marcus Lucretius

House of M. Epidio Rufo | Workshop of Verecundus

Thermopolium of the Asellinę | House of Gaius Julius Polybius

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