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Regio VIII



Reconstructed and rearranged in 1948, on the ruins of the old museum destroyed by the bombardments of 1943, it presents the historical development of Pompeii. 


There is a pre-Samnite section, that picks up the most ancient material of Oscan civilization of the Sarno Valley. Other sections are devoted to the Pompeian iconografy and to the Roman-Pompeii, with finds that illustrate the economic and merchant city-life, tools for work, materials from some workshops and surgical instruments.


Marina Gate | Imperial Villa

Antiquarium | Temple of Venus

Basilica | Curie

Comitium | Doric Temple

Gladiators' Barracks | Odéion

Theater | Samnite Palæstra

Temple of Isis | Temple of Zeus Melichios

Temple of Mefite

House of Cornelio Rufo | Via dell'Abbondanza

Via Marina | Via dei Teatri

Via del Tempio di Iside


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