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Regio I

House of the Sacerdos Amandus


There is a notable triclinium, adorned with a beautiful decoration and frescoes representing Polyphemus and Galatea, Perseus and Andromeda, Hercules in the garden of the Hesperides, Dædalus and Icarus. In the small peristyle it has been drawn the cast of the root of the only big tree that shaded it.


House of the Citarista | House of the Achilles’ Lararium

Laundry of Stephanus | House of the Cryptoportico

House of the Chaste Lovers | House of Menander

House of the Ephebe | House of Paquius Proculus

House of the Sacerdos Amandus | House of the Impluvium

House of the Golden Bracelet | House of the Orchard

Bakery of Sotericus | Garden of Fugitives

Via Stabiana | Stabia Gate


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